As a family, it’s not always easy to find an activity that will appeal to both kids and adults equally. With spring break just around the corner, it’s time to search for the perfect family activity! To make it easier for you, take a look at our 5 favorite winter activities!

1. Classic cross-country skiing
The most popular activity for a family activity is, cross-country skiing. Pleasant for all members of the family, it is a great activity to do during spring break. Of course, with the freezing temperatures that winter brings, it is important to dress warmly and bring a change of clothes.

The Aspen backpack from K&B Sport could be very useful for your trip! It offers a lot of space while remaining practical and compact. The spacious front pocket allows you to store snacks to satisfy your children’s hunger, not to mention that it can keep a second pair of gloves or socks warm.

Once you’ve gathered all your equipment, it’s time to head out to the trails. In every corner of Quebec, you’ll find parks that provide access to many kilometers of trails!

Cross-country skiing is a great way to bring out your inner athlete!

2. Snowshoeing
If simplicity is key for a successful family activity, then snowshoeing will be the activity for you family! The necessary equipment and the places available to practice this sport are easily accessible.

To add a little surprise to your get getaway, why not bring hot chocolate to enjoy in the middle of nature! No one will be able to say no! You’ll be able to store your thermal cup in the BPK5798 convertible backpack from K&B Sport. The *50,80cm snowshoes will fit perfectly in the bottom compartment of the bag to maximize the storage of your equipment. It can be easily converted from backpack to duffel bag mode.

Snowshoeing is the perfect mix between your sporty side and your nature-loving side!

3. Hiking
Looking for an easier, more in nature activity? Why not try our Top 3 activity. Time to bring the family on a hiking adventure. You can practice it on simple roads or in the mountains. Since the duration of this activity can vary depending on the trail chosen, it will be beneficial to bring several layers of clothing, as well as food.

If you want to bring everything you need on your trip, why not use The Approach Touring Ski Backpack BPK5959 from K&B Sport. With two small pockets on the front waistband of the bag, you can store your cell phone, compass, snacks and heating elements and have easy access to them. A compartment on the side of the bag also allows you to store extra equipment and take it without having to remove your backpack. Plus, it's lightweight so you won't get sore! Feel free to slip your camera into the main pocket of the bag so you can capture the beauty of nature.

In short, hiking is a safe choice to enjoy the outdoors with your family during your vacation!

4. Alpine skiing
For many, skiing is already a family activity that is part of their routine. For the rest, Spring break is the perfect opportunity to try new activities, so what are you waiting for?

Since this sport requires more equipment, it's obvious that you'll want to find an efficient way to bring and store it all easily. For that, there are several bags available to you. For carrying skis, the BPK 5854 double adjustable padded ski bag from K&B Sport will be your ally. Two pairs of skis and poles can fit in it, allowing you to maximize your space. It will be very easy to carry your skis when you travel. For the rest of your equipment, such as your ski boots and snowsuit, a ski bag will come in handy.

For adults, The Racer Ski BPK5863 backpack from K&B Sport is an essential for your ski outings. With its 78-liter capacity, it will allow you to carry everything for a successful family outing. Your lunch will fit perfectly between your snow pants and two-three extra pairs of gloves. If you're worried about a poorly aimed bottle getting your gear wet, you'll be reassured to know that the water-resistant bottom will keep your stuff dry! Of course, the boot compartment will allow you to carry your boots in a rather simple way.

Younger children can also carry their own equipment with The Expert Junior Boot backpack BPK5717 from K&B Sport. Their ski boots can easily fit into the straps on the side of the bag! Their helmet will be well received in the helmet holder placed on the front of the bag. And don't forget to use the little pocket on the top of the bag to store their goggles! The small size of the bag allows the youngest to bring their bag alone without any problem! This way, everyone can help carry the equipment.
With the wide range of ski hills in Quebec, you can easily find a mountain that offers the right conditions for you!

5. Ice skating
A classic winter sport is ice skating! Many neighbourhoods have small ice rinks, or, in many places, large ice rinks have been built in enchanting settings. You'll feel like you're in a fairy tale as you skate between the fir trees on the newly constructed ice paths.

With a warm snowsuit and a pair of skates, you are ready to jump on the ice! It will be a moment of joy and pleasure for everyone. With the help of the BPK 5753 Ultimate Expert Sport Bag from K&B Sport, you can easily carry several pairs of skates at once. With its 95-liter capacity, it can accommodate more than enough. So, it's time to plan and bring everything that could be useful! Plus, its modern look will catch everyone's eye! You'll never have a simpler skating trip!

If you like to stick to the classics, ice skating is the perfect choice for you!