Powdered snow and splendid landscapes, that’s all it takes to put joy in the heart of a winter sports enthusiast. In the last few years, touring skiing has experienced a great increase in popularity. Once practiced by the most courageous, this sport has conquered the hearts of our winter sportsmen with its combination of hiking and alpine skiing.

In fact, skiers wear climbing skins to climb the mountain and then take them off at the top to ski off the marked trails, in the middle of nature. The perfect way to see the most beautiful natural landscapes while doing sports!

 As much as being alone in the wilderness can be therapeutic, one should not minimize nor forget the risks that comes with this sport. This is why it’s important to be well equipped!

  An essential piece of the equipment to have is the ski bag. Therefore, it is necessary to choose it well. The Approach Touring Ski Backpack from K&B Sport will be your best companion during your winter escapades. As soon as you arrive at the mountain, you will be able to take out your skis and poles, previously stored in their respective places. Two pairs of straps are just waiting for your gear! The two zip pockets on the waist belt of the bag are very easy to access, so they are the perfect places to store your cell phone and small snacks. In case of an emergency, what you need will be at your fingertips. A quick craving will be quickly satisfied!


After so much physical effort, it is important to stay hydrated and well nourished. A compartment in the bag allows you to insert your hydration pouch so that you can always access it. Also, a pocket is hidden on the side of the bag, allowing you to put cooler food or an extra water bottle. In short, you won’t run out of food during your trips thanks to the multiple storage pockets.

 The multi-layer system is a must when touring. The temperature cools down at the top, so before the descent, you’ll need to put on an extra layer to brave the cold. In the main pocket, you can put your isolating jacket, another pair of gloves, your goggles and even a map of the ski mountain to avoid getting lost! The front of the bag has two straps to attach your helmet. In short, everything fits in the approach Touring Ski Backpack from K&B Sport

With your mountain access pass in hand, your skis on and your backpack on, nothing can stop you!

Skiing time

The season of snowstorms has arrived, so the practice of winter sports is at its peak. One of these sports, ski touring, is becoming increasingly popular. What skier doesn’t dream of skiing down a slope in powder snow, in the middle of the forest? With the practice of this sport becoming more and more common, many ski hills offer to touring fans to climb the mountain and then, backcountry ski down the slopes preserved from skiers, at low cost. Open to all, touring still requires good equipment in order to be prepared for any eventuality. One aspect not to be neglected is the choice of a good bag adapted to touring.