No matter the season, nature offers us perfect locations for thrilling outdoor activities. Mountains are one of those places that allow us to fulfill our athletic side by taking full advantage of the outdoors. As beautiful as they may be, outdoor places still contain risks. That's why it's important to put safety first during your escapades.

First, it's important to be well informed about the place you're going. Research which places are around, what animal species are around and what are the risks of environmental phenomena. This way, you can bring what you need depending on the place you have chosen. Don't hesitate to buy or rent books on nature escapades! 

 Secondly, find other nature lovers and get together for a common getaway! However, never be more than 7 people! Alone, you are more at risk for unforeseen events. When you are accompanied, you can assemble your ideas and equipment in case of danger.

Finally, it is important to have the right equipment in order to foresee all eventualities. Carry a shovel, an avalanche transceiver and a probe with you. These tools could be useful, especially during your winter excursions. Don't hesitate to pack them in a bag for easy transportation. The K&B Sport mini adventure backpack will be perfectly suitable for your outings. Several pockets allow you to store your equipment without taking up too much space. Moreover, a whistle is integrated! Perfect to send a signal if something happens to you. You can easily attach the shovel to the elastic loop at the bottom of the bag and you'll never be lost from sight thanks to the highly reflective borders. Don't forget to put your water bottle in the water bottle pocket and store your snacks in the front pocket with the insulated lining to keep them cool.

When you're finally ready for your trip, it's time to have fun and enjoy the scenery around you!