About Us

K&B Sport was founded by a team of outdoor sport enthusiasts who truly embody the K&B Sport lifestyle. Developed in Montreal, Canada, our bags are innovative, functional, and meticulously designed to meet even the most demanding needs.  

Our perspective on product development is simple: continuous improvement, always. Using new materials and pioneering features, we deliver exceptional value and quality to our customers, no matter their sport.

Our bags are loaded with useful design elements, all of which have been tried and tested by our dedicated team to ensure optimal performance. Organization is made simple with multiple compartments and intelligent storage solutions that cater to virtually any sport at any level of competition. 

K&B Sport designs for sport lovers of all ages who share our appreciation for wellness and adventure – we even offer a Junior collection dedicated especially to young athletes!

There is a K&B Sport bag for every member of the family, and we invite you to reach out anytime if you need assistance in selecting the right bag for you.