How to properly store your equipment once the season done

The winter season is coming to an end, which means you’ll soon need to store your gear for the off-season.

Don’t be afraid of the end-of-season clean-up - We’ve put together a how-to guide including simple, yet effective advice to guarantee you store your K&B Sport equipment properly.

First, you’ll need to remove any dust accumulated on your gear or equipment, before storing it. The easiest way to do this is to use a vacuum.

Then, it’s time to bring out the soap! Gently wash your bag and gear by hand with a mild soap. Never use the washing machine or dryer for your bag.! Doing so could damage your bag  and affect the preservation and properties of the material. Always allow your gear or storage bag to air-dry naturally and completely. This process should be repeated after every ride or excursion, and as part of your end-of-season cleanup. 

Finally, the storage bag must be placed in a dry place. Keep it away from humidity to prevent mold from building up on your bag and equipment - and avoid unpleasant surprises during next season’s unpacking!

You can use the K&B Sport bags throughout the year, whether it’s to store extra clothes when traveling around, or to store your children’s favorite toys while on a road trip. Practical and resistant, they’re the perfect bags to carry your snacks, water bottles and everything you need for a successful day of adventures.


Built to last, these storage bags will withstand the test of time. Go ahead and use them to their full potential!